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Friday, November 26, 2010

If you know me, you'll know.....

That country music inspires me. And that nothing anyone says can make me stop listening to it. Can't shame me out of it.

That I could talk incessantly about the Dark Tower series by Stephen King for weeks on end. Actually, I could talk about the entire Stephen King mythos for months at a time. I've only met one other person who could match my enthusiasm for it, and that's my dad, but I'm pretty sure he still thinks I'm kind of weird for how much I like it. And I'm okay with that.

That while I'm desperately in love with the Joss Whedon world, I've developed an unhealthy obsession with Grey's Anatomy. I love nurses. Doctors aren't my favorite. So WHY?!?!?!? Someone tell me why?!?!?!?! Thanks a lot for the start of hospital drama and comedy, stupid stupid scrubs.

That my blue fingernail polish is freaking me out badly. I think I'll repaint them red soon, because my itty bitty tiny rebellious side is quickly receding back into the background.

That my twins are amazing beautiful boys. They also drive me crazy, cry too much, smell funky a bunch throughout the day, listen to Taylor Swift quietly, and I love them with a fiery power no explosion could match.

That that last statement made my mind go into pervert zone. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???

That I enjoy Glee covers of songs more than the actual songs a lot.

That A Very Potter Musical is my favorite Youtube video series and that I consider its music wonderificus.

That "My 400-dollar-an-hour shrink says ... behind this rugged and confident exterior, I’m self destructive and self loathing to an almost pathological degree." I think this quote defines me about 50% of the time. Isn't that awful? It's true a lot of the time though. I'm not particularly proud of this, but it happens.

That my room is messy, horribly so.

That I am terminally afraid of horror movies.

That bagpipes and violins make my musical spirit soar.

That I want to be a nurse.

That I miss my (relatively) carefree days....and I feel incredibly guilty about that.

That I want to write more....and I'm going to try to. I promise.

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  1. You became a follower of my blog a while back, and I'm checking out your blog.
    Twins. I had kids a year apart. I know it's not the same, (I can't imagine having two the same age - a year apart was hard enough!) but I often felt they were so close...two in bottles, in diapers, in strollers, carseats...
    They're teenagers now - so I'm on "the other side"...
    I promise you - it gets better.
    The first year they were both newborn and one I thought I would go insane.
    I had post-partum depression until my youngest was 3, because I didn't get help until then.
    Having two little at the same time is difficult and wonderful at the same time. I think that gets confusing. It did for me, anyhow. There's a lot of guilt wrapped up in being overwhelmed with something so miraculous. It was for me, like I said.
    I hope you have help. And that you don't become isolated. Make sure you surround yourself with people.
    And it sounds like you need to write.
    I'm a writer, too.
    I journal every day.
    I've always needed to.
    That's good.
    I love country music, too!
    And red fingernail polish.
    And Stephen King - although I can't say I've ever read his Dark Tower series...some of his stuff is weird...and the more gory novels aren't my cup of tea, but like I said I'm a writer and I think his writing is brilliant. Did you ever read Insomnia? I've struggled with insomnia and I can tell he did, too...just by reading it I can tell he did.
    He wrote a great non-fiction book called "On Writing." It's about the writing process, but it's about his life, too - growing up, and his struggle with alcoholism and stuff. Pretty interesting.
    Well, now that I've written this novel, I hope you're doing okay. I really do.
    Hang in there. It gets better.