"You can't take a picture of this. It's already gone."

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


"Maybe it's not blood bonds who make us
a family.
Perhaps it's the people who know our secrets
and love us anyway
so we can finally be ourselves.
Gossip girl."

I rarely have long periods of time
where I feel complete and whole
I'm always moving, always watching
and looking for more or different,
my content is in the hunt, not in the
But I find moments
where my eyes tear up
I find the moments where
I am content.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Calling out Winter

The Light by The Album Leaf

I don't know what's worse
in the heat of the moment
my jaw unhinged
or was it the buzz
but I told a half truth
and now I know which is worse

the us that was
is probably just you and me
I know that you
don't know me anymore.

So perhaps some love lost
tape over
the giant hole in my stomach.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I'm Alright

"We lost touch
we lost in love
we lost our minds when things got tough
beating time is a losing fight
and I guess I'm doing alright."
~Jo Dee Messina

There are people I've danced with
and I can't remember all of their names
and this bothers me.
I've danced as much as I could
with what I've been given
and I dance in my imagination
and in my dreams
to all of the music I know.

I write because
I hurt all over
because the pills that I take
don't work and it is frustrating
and because the words have to mean something
I have to believe in something
and I write because I have stories and
I want to tell them sometime
I want to live on in my words
achieving immortality in some way or another
does that make me self centered?

oh well, my supposed self centered-ness aside,
I can dance in my living room now
I have a living room large enough and clean enough
and a person who's happy enough to dance with  me
who told me
whenever we dance, I want to kiss you.
I fall in love when we clean the kitchen
and when we yell at each other from across the rooms
and waking up gives me terrible satisfaction
because what if it is all a dream?
What if I'm still trapped
still stuck?
What if this walk forward is all temporary
one step forward
ten steps back?

But what if it isn't?
What if these plans I'm slowly building
amount to something so very beautiful

Saturday, November 2, 2013


There are phantom pains
that I have known
inside my brain 
and on my body

on my left leg, behind my knee
was the first time I was stung by a wasp
when I was thirteen and at camp
and I can still feel it sometimes

and on my right knee
in gym class at twelve
told the teacher I could not do the jump
was made to do the jump anyway and 
popped my knee out of place. 
It took a week to get it back in 
and it still hurts in the cold weather. 

and when I see the tail on my new cat
(ma belle evangeline)
there's a brief pain because that raccoon tail 
belonged to Noah.

There are scars and scars that run beneath 
my hair in my scalp that hurt and ache on occasion
the corners of my head and underneath my ears especially
even if they are old and self inflicted 
they are still achy, especially when I'm tired.

There are hands 
that when I see them
cause me such pain
that I worry that my internal organs will explode
and then my bed calls me for days
and I worry that I'll never move forward

and there is a purple scar on the lowest point of my belly
long and thin
and hidden
it almost never hurts

the cold makes my joints ache
and my hair freeze
but I smoke my cigars and drink my coffee
and cuddle ma belle Evangeline
NOT all together
and watch the fireworks tonight
and read terrifying books
while thanking the voiceless gods
that I am here.