"You can't take a picture of this. It's already gone."

Friday, July 22, 2011

Getting married in fifteen days.

Holy mother of GOD.

I am so excited!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy two year, love

…You alone are the sources of my grief,
you alone can grant the grace of consolation.
You alone have the power to make me sad,
to make me happy or to console me…
And the greater irony is that my love
then turned to such insanity
that the one thing it desired above all else
was the one thing it put irrevocably beyond its reach
in that one instant when, at your command,
I changed my habit along with my heart
to show that my body along with my heart
belonged only to you.

I never wanted anything in you
but you alone,
nothing of what you have
but you yourself,
never a marriage, never a dowry,
never any pleasure, any purpose of my own—
as you well know—
but only yours.
~Heloise, in her letter to Peter Abelard
Happy 2 years, baby!
24 days until we are MARRIED. And then we will have a new anniversary and it will be back to the beginning, right? Kind of, I guess. I’m not entirely sure how to go about this, because obviously this anniversary is a minimal one but I want to let you know that I remember how we got started.
Granted, us getting started involved me hitting on your best friend and me breaking my arm, so perhaps we didn’t have the most auspicious start, but whatever, it makes for funny stories, right? Living with you, as difficult as it has been, has been the best time of my life. And it will only get better.
So I just wanted to remind you that I love you and that the last year has been magical. Really. Happy two year anniversary, darling. You make me happy.
ps. I promise a better letter on our wedding day, J

Sunday, July 10, 2011

ohhh tonight

Can't wait to be married. Counting down days, counting down hours.