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Friday, January 4, 2013


So, I spent a good deal of time when I was
younger loving the movie Moulin Rouge
and thinking it was wonderfully depressing and romantic
and that the costumes were beautiful and so was the music.
And it has been almost three years since I last saw it
and I watched it over the last two days.

Let me start out by saying that it is beautiful.
Or at least the costumes are.
Ewan McGregor has a fantastic voice, congrats
I liked you in something besides Star Wars.
The music was fantastic, especially Roxanne.
I also personally liked Come What May.

But- I watch it now.
And it is so freakishly possessive
and creepy.
Me and my feminist spidey sense
was TINGLING off the damn hook.
Christian is no better than the Duke
although the viewer is lead to believe he is
neither of them listen to her when she says no and
both of them have scenes with Satine where
they are verbally and physically abusive.
Isn't Christian supposed to be the good guy?
How did I miss all this?

On a random note, Ewan McGregor
has awesome teeth.

Getting back to this though,
he specifically puts her in danger
A LOT by not even trying to stay away from her.
Calling women "Diamond Dogs"
feels so far from respectful, I'm not entirely sure how to handle it.

Moulin rouge.
I need a hug.

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