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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good glord....

So….I’ve discovered that Lindt chocolate is the best chocolate on the face of the planet. Really. I just had a hazelnut flavored milk chocolate carrot (it was a shape, not a vegetable) and GOOD GOD, it was amazing. There is now a solid milk chocolate bunny frozen in my freezer and it is so very hard not to devour it. However, chocolate has this amazing effect on me in that it is a depressant. Yea, I know, I hate my life too. But, if I eat it with something, the effects are somewhat less harsh.

After adopting a four month old Rottweiler, my life has somewhat departed from the normal realms of sanity. Not that a 19 year old having twins is in any way SANE but let’s all take a second and remember my cat. Who hates the dog. Sort of. In a “Stop chasing me, you crazy bitch” way. My puppys name is Grace and she is ridiculously large and playful. And inside the house, which leads to all sorts of shenanigans. And not graceful ones. She is very sweet though, and that makes up for all the crazies. The cute and the fun factor is high. Especially when she starts licking my ankles. By the size of her paws, she is going to be humongous! And I can’t wait. Has anyone read that book Good Dog Carl? If not, go acquire it. It is a sweet picture book that everyone needs to read.

You know the critic from Ratatoille? I think I should be him when I grow up. Angry and scary and skinny and a food lover. If I can’t cook, I’ll critique and piss people off. It sounds like an entertaining job. MWAHAHAHA. That guy sounds JUST like Frollo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Sexy voice, creepy ass man. By that I mean Frollo.

Boyd: We're pimps and killers, but in a philanthropic way.

Echo: You think we're gods?
Alpha: We're not just humans anymore. We're not multiple personalities. We're many personalities. Uh... one of my personalities happens to be a multiple personality, but that doesn't make me a multiple personality. I'm looking for a little nuance here.
Echo: We're not gods.
Alpha: Fine, Übermensch. Nietzsche predicted our rise. Perfected. Objective. Something new.
Echo: Right. New, superior people. With a little German thrown in. What could possibly go wrong?

My new favorite show is Kitchen Nightmares. I think it’s just disturbing enough for me not to go completely insane. Gordon Ramsay’s smart mouth makes me very happy and I like watching the transformations. Some are easier than others, but in the end, so far, they all work out. This satisfies my intense need for a happy ending. Plus, Gordon Ramsay is hot. And apparently forty. God, this is like my Viggo Mortenson crush all over again.

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