"You can't take a picture of this. It's already gone."

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Late Birthday, you piece of shit

Dear human being,

You should have taught one of my favorite men how to be a man. Instead, he became a man in spite of you, which should just not have to happen. You did your best to keep him down, to make him less, but he is so much better than you ever were or ever will be. I still see the scars you left on him, the non-physical ones, and if I could, I'd go back in time with a Louisville Slugger and beat on you the same way you verbally and physically beat on him and the rest of your family.

Thankfully though, you are dead. I never met you and so now I only deal with the scars you left on the person I love. They aren't his fault. They are yours. Maybe something happened to you that made you the evil, manipulative person you were. But it was your choice to remain that way.

Happy birthday in hell.



  1. Intense...

    I'm sure this person is getting exactly what they deserve, wherever they are.

  2. I am unworthy to receive you, but say the word and I shall be healed..