"You can't take a picture of this. It's already gone."

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Things that tickle me to no end

filling up my kindle with new books to read

finding a cool new webcomic to read
(sorry, looking for group, I'll come back soon, I promise)

the stray cat outside that finally came up to me when I came out of the car
I put a bowl of food out for her, I hope she comes by soon
she looks thin and scared
but she looks like she could love you
she came when I called and let me rub her
she has big eyes
so hopefully she'll notice the food on my porch

Cats in general make me feel ticklish
nearly all of them come to me before I call
my cat in particular is a comforting beastie
she is so gentle and yet so aggressively friendly
it works well with my personality.
We can be lovingly hostile together.

Getting messages from my friends
whether I've met them or not
you are all so wonderful

when people apologize

lemon pepper

the Blunt the Knives song in the Hobbit movie

I have a friend that every time I see him
he will laugh at least twice, so hard he can barely breathe
and his eyes water and he occasionally rolls around on the floor
and just the thought of this makes me so happy
he is so beautiful when he does this
full of unrestrained joy
and we all howl with him.

Christmas music in the summer
what child is this and o come o come emmanuel

Getting a cookie that says
"a longtime admirer thinks highly of you."

all of the Dessa music

Playing Mario Kart incessantly

Talking to my friends.

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