"You can't take a picture of this. It's already gone."

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Things I learned from parties

First party of the year was so much fun.

This sounds very superficial, even to my ears, but I love parties with the people my fiance knows. They are just WAY more fun then high school friend parties. Mostly because we didn't do parties. So I missed all of that stuff in high school.

Me and parties don't get along. The first ten years of my life I was an only child. I like being around people, but afterwards, I have intense bouts of needing to be secluded. I don't do well with large crowds. They aren't bad, but my reaction to them after the party is over is less than desirable.

So this most recent party was the cray-zayest party I've been to. I think. Maybe I don't remember any crazier ones?....Just kidding. There was black tie and lingerie and togas....and someone dressed up as a dominatrix and got drunk and was snapping her whip everywhere...that bitch.

I was probably the most covered out of all the girls....there was a guy wearing a bikini bottom and vest and multicolored shoes. As in one was black, the other was white. And then we had the stripper/manservant outfit. Even my mom, who normally hates that sort of thing, found that borderline hysterical. All I know is that I saw a dude who I know as a semi-friend's ass through his extremely thin and tight boxers. Sweet mother of God....it was too much. Tooooo much. Burned my eyes.

In any case, there was enough booze to send at the very least 15 people to the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

Things I learned from Katie's Badass Party...

1. Dressing up like a dominatrix is considered lingerie.

2. Taking off your shirt is okay in some circles.

3. What the FUCK is a drinking game? Can't a bitch drink in peace?

4. I can run in 4 inch high heeled lady Gaga shoes. Suck it.

5. Lingerie is not just for women anymore.

6. Fiance in suit is super sexy.

7. Chanel lipstick is lovely, but comes off super easily on those red cups.

8. Assholes are still assholes after they are drunk. Or after YOU are drunk.

9. The later it is, the wierder the photos look.

10. The Macarena still attracts people.....

11. House parties = awesome.d


  1. lmao. Yep. That sounds about right.
    A. I actually do dress like a domme for costume parties. But I only hit if someone asks nicely. ;)
    B. Drinking games are only fun if you are already drunk.

  2. Love the dom look, however, I don't like being hit from behind with a whip. Unexpectedly. :)