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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Favorite movies.

So, back to that stupid thirty day challenge, which I'm writing about, not in any particular order or anything, but just kind of lackadaisically (I cannot believe that is a real effing word) writing about.

So, my favorite movie.

I think I have three.


V for Vendetta

The Crow

I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to discuss all three of these so here goes.

To start with, though, I'd like to say that I like all of these somewhat equally. There are obviously different qualities that I like about each of them, HOWEVER, each holds a very large place in my heart for various reasons.

I'm going to start with Serenity.

I wasn't around when the Serenity Firefly craze hit. My guess would be at that point, I was busy hating myself in middle school. However, upon watching this movie with my dad around, I discovered a vast and profound love for space cowboys. There's a large place in my heart for this show and this movie. Honestly, I love this whole show, this whole idea so much that I can only describe my various loves for it in words. Jayne. Canton. Mal. Inara. River. Book. Kaylee. Simon.
In any case, I deeply love this show, the characters and the ship. Also, Nathan Fillion. I'll be loving this show and movie until the day I die and I'll never stop sharing it with people.

Creepy fangirl moment aside though, I present you with favorite movie numero dos.

This movie blows. My. mind. Every time I watch it, I find something new in it. I cry, I laugh. Mostly I cry, but the intense detail shown, especially in the dialogue is just wonderful. I love the message, I love how pretty it is, but I really just love V. Who is Evey. I loved all the nuances. I love the epic pain and epic love and how to me, it is about patriotism in an individual way.

I don't even have the words, but it is wonderous, wonderful and painful. These posts are killing me. I gotta start doing better.

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