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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just Some Good Ole Boys

Hello again! This post is going to be a tribute to some of my friends, the few of them who make me laugh hysterically when I think about the times we’ve had. I know it sounds incredibly dorky, but I miss them like all hell and I’m glad we had the chance to get to know each other.

So, starting out, I’d like to thank Big Tony, for making yearbook memorable. Granted, there was at least one other person in yearbook with me who made it ‘memorable’ but Tony and I literally cornered the market on anger. Our little slice of the table could have been known as “the place of repressed rage.” Except, we didn’t repress it very well. Or at least I didn’t. We terrorized any staff member who wasn’t our age and laughed our asses off whenever we could. He gave me rides whenever I needed one and my little brother thought he was the most amazing guy ever. He still needs to come over and meet my cat, we still need to go play pool and he literally made my senior year funnier, lighter and easier to bear. He believes in my ability to kick ass and he helps me remember that a good ole boy beats out any tree hugging, vegetarian, lily-livered, anti-gun nut. Regardless of how awesome they think their hybrid is. I spent almost an hour waiting for the damn Scottish Festival to start so I could listen to him play drums. I think I permanently disturbed him by telling him I was pregnant with twins. When he went to New York for yearbook, in between being intoxicated and partying in the hotel room (because, yeah, that teacher was a great chaperone….no wonder my parents didn’t want me to go), he lit a candle and picked out a rosary for me from St. Patricks’ Cathedral. What I miss most about him is his cat, the way he lets me sing into the Xbox live to distract everyone while we play Halo, my final Scottish festival, in which I got a hug RIGHT before his first number, a ridiculous shit-eating grin during the King of Laios dance and mostly our conversations in yearbook, which involved a whole lot of swearing, a few times I was in tears and trying to get yearbook work done. Which always got done somehow, even with the massive heaps of distraction we visited upon ourselves. I can always count on him for a beer drinking, burger eating good time. This translates into, please come back from godforsaken Europe so we can have more before I can’t get out of bed or drive myself to your house. Or before I become a terrible hostess because I’ll be mommy to TWO boys.

Next, my thanks go to a guy named Abhiram. Apart from him literally being the smartest guy I know, he is a pilot (I know, right? COME ON LADEEEEZ!) and a master debater and has the easiest laugh. It’s quite attractive (LADEEEEZ). I remember long and irritating conversations about God and the nature of religion during lunchtime my junior year, as well as coming up and shrieking about whatever the latest news was near our various lockers. He definitely defines the A Very Potter Musical description of Snape “the kindest, gentlest, bravest SEXIEST man I’ve ever met.” Now that I’ve completely made a fool of myself by saying that, please take that particular description with a grain of salt. And go watch AVPM, as it’s pretty much the only way you’ll be able to understand that quote. But in any case, he brings out the intellectual in me, as well as a great deal of affection and nonverbal communication. I also remember him walking around in a hoodie 24/7 for NO apparent reason. Maybe he didn’t like his curly hair? In any case, his mom taught me a lot about acceptance and love, and she continues to, even now. I look forward to reading his name in the newspapers very very soon, but for now, I’ll settle with being excited to see him on Saturday.

Another short post. Damn it damn it damn it.

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