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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sometimes, Awesome Sauce

The new song by Daughtry called September is just awesome. I love Daughtry, mostly cause I can actually listen to the music with my little brother, who really REALLY likes Nickelback but it's pretty hard finding songs that are age-appropriate for him. And as much as I would like (and find it fairly hysterical) that he sings Taylor Swift as well as I can, I'd hate for our resident almost eleven year old to lose a man card over something like that. On occasion, I try to be nice instead of laughing hysterically at other people's misfortunes. And yes, I am being sarcastic. Kind of.

A Very Potter Sequel is now on youtube. It is the sequel to A Very Potter Musical and is, by definition, “totally awesome” but not as flowy as the first one. That’s tragic, really, because they are both damn funny, but the sequel is somewhat choppy and has the sad lack of a Voldemort who is gay and tap dances and says things like “BRING ME SOME NASONEX, YOU SWINE!” They did, however, manage to bring in some sweet elements to the sequel, some moments that made you go ‘aww’ and want to give certain characters *coughSNAPEcough* a hug. Umbridge the she-male gave me the creeps, but she would have made an AWESOME drill instructor. Draco is his normal, hysterical rolling self. Cho Chang is still a Texas sized slutbag. Harry Potter calls himself a douchebag, which was definitely a highlight, Lucius Malfoy stole the show and the whole thing makes me want to give up on Netflix and go watch the first one again. And then the second one again. It is that good.

I have a large book bag of books to read. I started one called the Bitch Posse and it promises to be EXACTLY as depressing as the title sounds. Lots of sex and violence. I also have The Devil In The White City and a Warhammer 40k novel and a book by Tamora Pierce called Trickster’s Choice, which I’ve already read, but it was too damn good, so now I have to read it again.

I recently read Inna May’s Guide to Childbirth and several pictures later , I was vastly disturbed. No woman REALLY smiles when she’s in labor. Right? Right?! Lots of 70’s nudity of the female variety, which I was NOT all that impressed with (ahhh the vast bushels of pubic hair), but some really interesting stories. Definitely cemented my belief that an attitude and a change in environment can truly be effective in labor and delivery. I just think it’s a lot easier to panic and because of panicking, to tense up, which definitely does not ease the labor, when you perceive that you are in a place that is cold and clinical and not warm and welcoming. Just in case you were wondering what was currently on my mind.

What’s also on my mind is what an excellent show Veronica Mars is. I’m such a nerd, but I looove it! Nice and gritty and angry show. Excellent. Much better than Dexter, which was good, but sadly gave me nightmares, really really intense ones, after only two episodes. I will definitely be sticking with Veronica. Lovely. And exceptionally sarcastic. She has a voice in her head that is almost as angry and sarcastic as me. Gives me warm fuzzies like you wouldn’t believe.

Ooooo I got 12 books for 99 cents each at Goodwill today. Made of awesome sauce. Which definitely begs the question, what exactly is awesome sauce made of?

More Later

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