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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day One

Day 1 of living outside my house. It’s kind of disconcerting, really. I went to go visit my house and my family and I felt just exactly like that, a visitor. It’s hard to feel accountable to anyone at this point. I’m thankful to my boyfriend and his parents for letting me come stay at their house.

I now feel homeless. Now THAT’S a fun feeling. Pardon me, gentle readers, for sounding like an emo little girl today. Bear with me for a few more lines and I promise to be back to my normal sarcastic perky self. But it’s been raining for almost 3 days, I can’t go home for at least a week, maybe two weeks and I’m all super sad and whatnot. And pregnant, so I have an excuse to be all snarky and whatnot, but I don’t like it. I’m going to a party tonight so please, Lord, help me be a nice and friendly person tonight. Help me be a channel of Your peace.

On a lighter note, I ACED a job interview. Kicked its ass. Now please, please please call me back! It was fun though, I love interviews. I think I’m supposed to be afraid of interviews, but I find them fun and kind of challenging. I’m dying to go to work there. I’m dying to WORK. Period. Want off bed and into work.

More to come.

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