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Thursday, February 7, 2013


I have a soapbox
actually, I have multiple soapboxes.
what is a soapbox you ask
well, according to the free online dictionary
(thank you)
it is a thing that provides someone an opportunity to air their views
Like standing on a box
and airing your views publicly.
And I have multiple ones.

They go as follows

Cumulative traumatic encephalopathy
is one. Look up football and head injuries.
They can lead to dementia, radical mood and personality
changes and behavioral outbursts, all of which can lead to
elevated amounts of domestic violence, suicide and homicide.
I'm not a fan of football. By any stretch and as someone who has
been directly affected by someone with a head injury, I think
paying anyone substantial amounts of money for something so minor
is ridiculous.

Feminist soapbox. All that that entails. Inter sectional, pro-choice,

My LGBT soapbox. It is not that hard. Treat everyone well.
How is that so fucking hard?

And the Tangled soapbox.

Because "Mother knows best" can be a thing in real life.

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