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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Crappy Second Writing of the Day

In a roundabout way
I asked a question yesterday
and I'm laughing today because I realized
I know multiples of people
with the same fucking initials.
These aren't like easy ones either.
God my life is so fucking ridiculous
I have laughed so much today
Tumblr is so silly today
and so are Luke and Dan.
And so am I.

So now I'm listening to string quartet covers
of various songs
and let me tell you
Lady Gaga sounds a million times better
with a violin. So does Fall Out Boy. Unfortunately
nothing by the Goo Goo Dolls translates well
to these instruments. Which is unfortunate, once again,
because I like this music. Most musical music translates
rather well, however. Which is helpful. My Chemical Romance is
still up in the air.

She came over
and it was pleasant
because I have missed her forever
but my children make it difficult to interact for
longer than 2 minutes at a time
because they want all the attention.

Second interview tomorrow.
Kind of nervous, but mostly irritated because
it is so early.

When I say "I miss you
Did you miss me?"
He always says back to me
"Yes. Do you miss you?"
And there is always a contemplative silence
and I don't think he means for me to
ruminate on this thought for the rest of my
life, but it will always stick with me.
Do I miss me?


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