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Thursday, February 21, 2013

This Goddess has doesn't have much gas in her car

He said something last night
that struck a chord with me
that when it was clean in the bathroom
than that was when he felt rich.
I get it.

Clean rooms feel rich
and dirty rooms feel like
no one cares and no one can
so I'm trying to keep things as neat as I can
look what I do
throw things away
wash clothes
put away dishes
because I want him to feel loved
i want him to feel rich

Because I feel rich when I have a full tank of
gas in my car
and that happens once every few months or so
and when my tank reads as full
I am the richest girl in the world.

Some days he makes me feel rich
when he takes off his hat and kisses me
I feel like a goddess
or when we just hang out and laugh
and watch a movie
and he makes me scream because I'm so terrified
and I tell him about the things I'm proud of
and the things that make me crazy
and he laughs with me.

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