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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 3- Drugs and Alcohol

Discuss my views of drugs and alcohol.

Sooo...at my brothers school, they are teaching him that alcohol is a drug. I find that interesting.

Personal views on drugs first. As far as illegal substances go, I've only seen someone on pot and their lack of control was pretty frightening at the time. People consider m*rijuana (changing the name to protect the me from pot searching people) to be the most harmless drug, however, if it contributes to people's inability to control themselves, which is what I've seen, than it is indeed dangerous. Driving while under the influence of pot is dangerous. I had a boyfriend total his car while driving under the influence. Not cool. Pretty scary, actually.

I've seen firsthand effects of cocaine on the lymbic system. I'm not a fan of drugs. I hatehatehatehate them. A lot.

Alcohol...I guess I can say that I don't understand what pleasure people derive from drinking. I'm not someone who wants to drink to forget, I don't like the feeling of being buzzed and the taste makes my head ache and my stomach feel nauseous. I have only had a few that I consider even remotely good tasting, but in the end, I derive the same pleasure from drinking a fruity drink that I do from deriving a coke... except that I don't pay near as much for a coke, nor can I get drunk and run people or myself off the road when I drink one! Perks all around....

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