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Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 1

Discuss your current relationship.

My relationship. Well, I'm engaged to a great guy and we have twins.

Because we're a young, unmarried couple with 2 children, we have problems. Although, quite honestly, I think that if we didn't have problem, it'd be pretty weird.
The best example I can think of of what kind of couple we are is that last night we watched Sweeney Todd and played Super Mario Smash Bros. and Mario Kart on the Wii. We laugh hysterically and my profanity was increased by how utterly terrible I was on the Wii.

Our relationship, while incredibly difficult because of various self imposed problems/blessings (living with parents, TWINS, lack of a job (me) etc), however, together, we are perfect. And by perfect, I mean we fight like cats and dogs, make up like best friends and support each other well. He's the first person I call with good or bad news and my last call at night. He busts his ass for me and the kids. When he isn't at work, he's at my house, helping with the kids. He's a great daddy.
Before we had kids, he was my best friend. He was my new years kiss for three years running, even though we'd only dated a year and a half. He proved my gut instinct right. He grew a beard for me. My Lord of the Rings obsession and his Star Wars love gives us great chemistry. As far as music goes, our only common ground is what musicals we like...0.o

He is the handsomest guy in the world. He went to the beach with me. The first time we dated he called my parents and talked to them (which thoroughly cemented in my head what a different guy he was). He makes me want to be a better person. He also puts up with my swearing, helps me be neater, washes the dishes and I can't WAIT to marry him....Only 565 days to go !

Any hoo, as things go, especially considering the difficult circumstances, we have a great relationship. :)

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  1. Aw you guys sound perfect for eachother! I love that grew out a beard for you lol. That's love right there ;)

    I curse like damn sailor & my hubs still stuck around, then again he tells it like it is (always) & I still stuck around. I guess when it's meant to be you just know.

  2. What a cool project! I love writing prompts! Beautiful blog home. :)

    Much Joy,