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Saturday, March 19, 2011

What I want

This is my favorite design of a witchy woman.

There are several things I'd like soon. I'm saving money for them. Next payday, they will be mine!!


This photo is from Gala Darling.

I love these shoes! I should have the money to buy them by Thursday. I plan on wearing them for my wedding reception and then as often as possible following this. Even though my wedding colors are are red and white, screw it, I'm sooo in love with these shoes. I'll be wearing them for ever!

Next up.

this has been taken from here. I claim NO credit, I am receiving NO money for this picture, because, guess what? I just posted the picture. It isn't mine.

Moving on, I'd really like a deck of tarot cards. Apart from pretty artwork, I find readings to be fun and hilarious and I'm in the process of learning how to. It seems to be a useful talent and a fun hobby. I've seen them selling for around 10 dollars at Half Priced Books.

I'm super excited!

These two things are my new babies! Also, Grey's Anatomy returns next week with their musical episode, I think. Or, never mind, March 31st. Well, fuck. I need some Grey's, dammit! I watched all 9 seasons of Scrubs and while it was hilarious, it was NOT my Grey's.

I was so excited to go out tonight and it just got totally fucked over. Damn it.

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