"You can't take a picture of this. It's already gone."

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Many looks of a HellKitten

This is my kitten. He likes to take showers with me. He is disgustingly cute and cuddly and when I move out, I fully plan on stealing him.

Vamp face.

This is last easter. I'm holding a bear dog rottweiler puppy. I say all that to say this.

She is a beastly rottweiler now. And she still hugs me like in the picture and sits on my lap. And since she weighs about 80 lbs, it is not near as much fun as you might expect.

My fiance took this photo. I was actually doing a photo shoot for him, and now that I've actually wrote that, I realize how weird that sounds. BUT, in his defense, the new duster was awesome and if I'd gotten one I'd totally want a photo shoot to go with it too.
Anyhoo, I was running towards him and he was like STOP! MUST HAVE CAMERA.
And made me re-run, because he liked that running look so much. I'm shocked at how good they look. This is my favorite, it looks so carefree.

This is my day job.

I'm kidding, but I wish it were. I'd be a great assassin. Anyway, semi-professionally done photo shoot, but it's only semi because I'm not a real model. :)

THIS is how to show off a car. I chose the least provocative photo in this group of pictures, because, hey, the internet is forever and my dad reads this blog occasionally. I don't look happy, but it was one of those perfect fall days.

This was the beginning. Or nearish to the beginning of the second time we dated. Amazing day with the girls and Mike.

This is my awkward come-hither picture. I can't BELIEVE how much this picture makes me laugh, mostly because on facebook, I had an ex comment about how the only thing he'd complain about in this picture was the bed.

This is the first photo I can remember taking of myself. I think I had just transferred from private to public school for the first time in freshman year and judging by the look on my face, I was feeling particularly emo that day. I took that picture on my first phone and I'm still surprised that the camera on my phone was so good.

Anyway, even if I look all creepy and whatnot, I love this picture.

Bad picture, amazing memory. Night before Scottish Festival, couldn't sleep, I was so excited.
The next day I spent all day with my best friends, my almost boyfriends and danced a wonderfully romantic dance. I also grew much closer with lots of people. It was an epic day.

Also, I could swirl my skirt. At my wedding, this dance will be recreated. OH HELLS YEA.

The day after graduation. New car, no makeup, no sleep and soooooo happy to be done.

First dance of the freshman year. OH MY GOD THAT SHOWER CURTAIN.

Anyway, I seriously thought I was hot stuff. And my stockings were totally ruined that night from all the barefoot dancing I did. Retrospectively, I think that I should have worn a dancing dress, not a standing dress.

Interesting day. Almost drowned.

Modeling with younger cousins

The inspiration for this post is from Gala Darling. She is my new discovery and although she's been around since 2008, her site just blows my mind. Her radical self love is inspirational and I love her. In a quiet way. <3>

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