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Sunday, March 21, 2010

100 Things About Me (Part two)

26. I'm slowly having a love affair with comic books. I actually have a friend who tells me what to read, thank God, otherwise I'd be at a complete loss as to what to read. This all started when I watched The Crow and then I found out it was a graphic novel. And then that lead to V for Vendetta and Watchmen. Delicious!

27. Alice in Wonderland, whether it's the American Mcgee or the Lewis Caroll version, it makes me all warm and fuzzy.

28. Great art is something I enjoy, like great dialogue. Seduce me with your words!

29. I hate the cold. I'd rather sweat it out in shorts than freeze my ass off. Which means I'm sincerely hating Texas weather right now. This rule is true, with the exception of snow. Snow causes me to lose all my sanity.

30. Bad drivers make me wacky. But mean drivers make me ANGRY. Everybody else just irritates me.

31. I switch back and forth between valley girl and ghetto talk. And chola talk. And occasionally, I speak like a normal, educated human being. But that doesn’t really happen all that often, due to my irritation and anger with just about everything.

32. I’ve been swimming since I was three. I’ve never done swim team or anything to that effect, but I learned quickly and have strong endurance.

33. I have no problems smacking anyone in the face, so it’s preferable not to push me too hard on any particular subject or getting up in my face. I will most likely punch you or something. If you have a problem with physicality, namely mine, please address it now.

34. I love high heels, red lipstick, black eyeliner and perfect hair. I never actually HAVE any of those, but I enjoy it when I do. And I admire anyone with those things. Unless you are a guy. And then I’ll be impressed. And run away.

35. I have never been to a club. And incidentally, clubwear freaks me out badly. What CAN I wear to a club that doesn’t make me look like I’m trolling for skank?

36. Rap makes me laugh. But it is fun to dance to.

37. I always want either Italian or Asian food. Or bread. Bread makes my life. OH MY GOD, bread is amazing. I MUST HAVE SOME RIGHT NOWOWOWWOWO!!!!

38. I will bite you. Behave accordingly. This is code for me making you my bitch. And eventually, everyone is my bitch. Except for Gwen.

39. I love coke. The brown, poured over ice stuff. It is delicious and it can eat your liver. Much like me.

40. Fraternities and sororities creep me out big time. I think the idea of so many sisters is weird and then I heard about some guys in a frat at my old school “training” a girl. Yuck on so many levels. Anyway that about killed it for me.

41. I have this really adverse reaction to chocolate. While it is an aphrodisiac for most people, it makes me incredibly depressed. Moderation is key.

42. I’m a Taurus. Yep, very special.

43. I play guitar, and piano and I sing. I consider myself fairly musical, but it isn’t really my chosen art form. I prefer the writing aspect.

44. I have random body pain. And it’s not fun.

45. I love the sound of wind and rain. However, I hate how it feels with a flaming passion. With the exception of rain in the wonderful texas weather.

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