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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trying Not to Sound Like a Whiney Boy Band

Sooo.....sitting at home, glad I got a job. Starting on Tuesday. Which is good and bad, mostly because it means my excuse to leave the house for the next two days is completely GONE. However, after that, it means I won't have to see any one's face for a while!

I love kids. They laugh, cry, and continuously want me to read stories to them, something I adore. Everyone else these days seems to hate my guts, a condition that probably should be bothering me a great deal more, but tragically, just something that is irritating. On a minor level. I did do things that warrant distrust an d whatnot from my family, but you know what? I do believe I'm going to get right back on that college horse and ride the damn thing. Only it may not be the orange and blue horse I've been so pressured to keep riding. Whatever. I need a degree. Which means I don't care where I get the damn degree from. Which means I need classes. Oh tragedy, but stuff I can handle.

So, having a blog makes me feel kinda lame, but that's cool. I'm told it is an alternative form of journaling. And after spending several hours browsing the various blogs, and finding myself almost rolling on the floor with laughter, I think I'll give this a shot. For real. And try not to write more than once a day, because I'm sure once I start really writing, this shit will get addictive. Much like reading it. Which reminds me, the blog 'a taste of fresh banana pudding' had me in hysterics for most of today, and me being the stalker that I am, I went ahead and read the whole thing. I need to get a hobby, but as a book lover and highly prolific reader and writer, this is a much more "valuable" way to waste my time. I mean, hell, I could be watching something on hulu, but....I don't know. I always loved books that were made up of letters or journals, and by God, I've found MILLIONS of them on the Internet!

In any case, all this new reading material is killing my eyes, but making me super happy. I have 2 ideas for blogs. Letters from a mother. and my top 100 about me. I've decided though, that these deserve a new post. So, adieu for now.

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