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Monday, December 31, 2012

In Which Les Miserables is the Focus of my Attention

To start out with,
there will be spoilers. SPOILERS.
This book has been around for over 150 years
There should be no such thing as spoilers, dammit.
I have read the book and performed some of the music
in a chorus but I did not know how the musical was performed
or which songs went where or with whom.
But essentially this movie ripped out my heart
The whole time.
Some of the death scenes were extremely violent
and while I am used to violence in the movies
it was disconcerting for people to be singing
and then killed quite viscerally.
It was very painful, but the camera never cut away
which made me wince and at several points
cry out.
I could guess who would die relatively early but it was still horrible
to watch.
Anne Hathaway proved herself to be a goddess.
Hugh Jackman was fantastic.
Russel Crowe did....well, he wasn't bad. It was somewhat
stilted, but I suppose his character wasn't supposed to be
all RAWR, because he was a soldier and a police officer and whatnots.
The religious and spiritual aspects were quite lovely. It was
more spiritual and definitely implied rather than a direct
doctrinal or biblical enforcing movie. I appreciated this.
All in all, it was quite lovely. Hopefully, I'll be able to see it a
few more times before it goes out of theater and I buy the blu-ray
and annoy the shit out of everyone I've ever known by playing
it constantly.
I loved it. YES. GO SEE IT.

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