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Friday, December 14, 2012

A Tragic Fairy Tale

Once upon a time
there was a pretty girl
who watched a young man while
they were in school together.
They were in Pre-calculus
and she sat next to him every day.

And since she had been mean and hateful
to him every day for the last two years,
he spent at least two months doing his best
to put her down and be mean to her
which was easy
because she was terrible at math
and he was fantastic at it.

But one day, she looked at him
and saw a person in pain
and he looked at her
and saw a person instead of an annoying
angry something or another
and they became almost-friends.
This was one of the only classes she had with him
because he got good grades
and she did not.

So they became friends and
baited each other and shoved each other
and he noticed when she failed every test
and she noticed when he spent all of class
playing on the calculator.

One day, she asked him if he'd ever been kissed
and he beat around the bush for a few days
while they talked and messed with each other
but at the end of the week
he caught her in a corner and pushed her up against a wall
and kissed her.

That was his first kiss.

That was how their story began.

They were not kind to each other at first.
They hurt each other and told each other
about the people they liked and the fun they'd have
over summer and how much their parents would hate
each other.

But eventually, gradually,
she fell for him
and he for her.
And the whole school was scornful
but generally not surprised, because isn't it always
everyone else who notices these things?

The halcyon days were there for a while
Life was relatively good
and they worked and played well together
which was surprising, given practically everything about them.

But one day she decided he wasn't good enough
or that she wasn't good enough
and decided to go.
And she not only broke it off with him
but she lost her best friend
because she chose to.
She broke him.

The end.

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