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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sherlock and Hamlet

After watching Sherlock
I understand why there are so many
fans that love this show.
because after watching it all the
way through
all I want to do
is watch it again.
It is deeply, deeply thorough
Beautifully written
Lovely characters
makes me remember
reading these books in high school.
I regret that I did not appreciate them
at this level while growing up.

It reminds me of Hamlet,
which was difficult for me to read
and then translate into what was happening
because I could not see it
but after watching the first fifteen minutes
of Hamlet with Kenneth Branagh
I understood what was happening and why.
That was where it clicked and after that
King Lear, and Much Ado, and Romeo and Juliet
and Midsummer, and the Tempest and Othello
were much easier to understand
to read straight through
because I understood how the story was written
the hows and the whys
and they became much clearer

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