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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lady Knight

My first introduction to feminism
was a series of books by Tamora Pierce
named Protector of the Small. I want to say
that I read them around 2002? Maybe 2003.
I would have been around eleven or twelve.
After devouring these four books
I went back and read the Song of the Lioness quartet
and the Immortals Quartet. All twelve of these books take place
in the same time/space area.
2 years later I read the Tricksters duo, which
takes place in that 'verse. I still have not read
the most recent books, which are apparently called the
Beka Cooper series.

In any case, while reading these, my views of
the world were formed. These are incredibly good
books, and as an avid reader of Arthurian legend, these
satisfied my cravings and cemented my firm belief
that women make fantastic knights and that reform is
possible, even in a highly problematic culture.
There are many, many female characters here, without
tropes or the virgin/whore dichotomy constantly present.
Sex can be enjoyed, even non-marital sex. These books are

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia Wrede were and are
and favorite of mine. The King of Dragons could be female, the witches
were fun and engaging and the princess offered to fight the damn
knights herself if they would not go away! All four books are hilarious,
well written and definitely feminist in their portrayal of brave princesses,
smart knights and incredible witches. One of the books is written in
first person, which is difficult to pull off, however, the author does
it spectacularly!

These books were hugely informative to my early years and I
am so so greatful to these authors who wrote books that made
me want to be a Lady Knight.

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