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Monday, April 15, 2013


So, in
hopes of lightening my own mood
various blurbs about myself.

Things I have openly sobbed during
the end of Les Mis, a LOT of Battlestar Galactica
several Shameless scenes, multiple Taylor Swift songs,
twice during Once Upon a Time, because adoption story lines
make me horribly sad
Swan Song of Supernatural and the werewolf episode
the last ten minutes (or last two episodes, depending on who's asking)
of Six Feet Under had me borderline hysterical. Like howling levels of sad.
The end of Sherlock broke my face for about forty minutes.
My family knows not to bother me when I'm sadly watching Tangled
or that I need extra cuddles when that happens.
Oddly enough, Glee has made me cry more than once. But it's more
melancholy than actual bawling. Buffy and Angel and Firefly related stuff
actually anything by Joss Whedon automatically makes me start tearing up.
The worst was Sherlock and Six Feet Under and Battlestar.

I love finding people
I can talk books with.
They are few and far between
and so I cherish the conversations 
I have with people who love good stories.
I suppose it is why I have a tumblr,
there seems to be a high concentration
of people that just revel in love of stories
they think about it and scream and laugh
about it and simply ooze their love
for these stories
and doing that makes me
feel normal.

But on occasion
there are people I meet and
get to know and become friends with and
they text me "What book should I read next?"
and I smile and scream about their current 
and future books
and then on sunday
we drink tea and discuss Dr. Who. 
It makes my week or month, generally
these discussions. 
Because having a foot in both the adult world
and the child world
is hard
and having friends to hold my hands on both sides
keeps me loved and loving
and grounded.

I love to dance
but it is rare that I dance in public these days
I don't know why
maybe I need to branch out
from the kitchen and the car
because dancing there is fun
but lonely and
sometimes dangerous.

I love horror movies
and books
and stories
because they haunt me
even if they just contain various elements.
I love ghosts and monsters
and curses and zombies.
I really only truly dislike
any type of sea monster movies. Or 
if the horror element comes from the water,
I have a lot harder of a time watching it.
Or reading about it.
Sphere gave me the horrors for weeks.
I've never seen Jaws.
But just thinking about it makes me twitch.

I may or may not
have quit my job
in search of a new one.

The song Secret by the Pierces
gives me the creeps. Badly. Like, gives
me nightmares badly.

The soundtrack from the Hobbit 
and Lord of the Rings makes me tear up.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame
may be my favorite Disney movie. 
It is kind of a tough call for me. 
I have had a love affair with the music
for many years now.

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