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Monday, April 18, 2011

One Sentence

Inspired by One Sentence , a site that tells stories in one sentence.

When I see his hands, I'm thinking about you.

When we went and sat behind the school on a cold Saturday morning, he brought his guitar and sang me songs.

When he came to the door bare-ass nekkid, I knew being friends was going to be a lot harder than I originally thought, but a hell of a lot more interesting.

Every time I swim in a pool, I'm torn between fear of sharks, creepy water monsters and drowning, and a love of the water, but despite all the conflict I get in as much as I can anyway.

That party, I discovered I could run in four inch high heels.

I blushed bright red when he gave me communion.

The more I think about tattoos, the more I want one.

When you danced with me in the kitchen during New Years Eve, you cemented me falling in love with you.

Getting in a few fights made my fear of pain a great deal less.

Any time a man talks to me about how abortion is a terrible, wrong act, I want to smack them for thinking they know anything about how terrifying it is to be in such a position, even though I'm pro-life.

I thought I was falling away from the church until I heard the music at mass today.

I miss the sound of a voice that I thought I knew.

If I had known those days that we would be engaged, that you would be the first one to say I love you, I wouldn't have cried for four days straight.

At the Festival, you would have been surprised at what was going on behind the scenes.

After she graduated, I wrote her a song.

I'm glad I asked him to kiss me.

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