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Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 6- 30 Facts

Thirty Facts About Yours Truly

1. As an answer to a comment on Day 4, there are some aspects of Wicca as well as Judaism that I find interesting. I love the ritual of these particular religions, and the idea of a feminine God, as well as a masculine one. I love a religion that allows you to find the God in everything. It goes along with zero point energy and tesla and some incredible things. Namaste, which means "the God in me sees and honors the God in you." I'm trying to live that these days and it's hard but it helps me remember.

Or maybe it's just because I want to be her...

2. I love Taylor Swift. I love her music, I love her writing, I love that she seems like the nicest person in the whole wide world.

3. Joss Whedon. 'Nuff said.

4. I have an intense fear that once I become a nurse, I'll end up working under a doctor that I know. There are some I'd be okay with (Hi Whitney!) but there are some that would be SO bad. There are NO words. Great, Megan, decide to be a nurse and then have plenty of future doctors hate your guts. Fortunately, if I become a nurse within the next 4 years, I'll be well established wherever I'm working LONG before they become real doctors (not you, whitney!).

5. I love music. I hate sharing what kind I love, though, and that tends to make people crazy. If you hang around long enough, though, you may find out. I also love new types of music, so if you introduce someone to me and I like them, I tend to LOVE them.

Someone introduced this song to me my senior year and I love it SO MUCH. Both of these artists are people I NEVER would have tried on my own but because someone heard this song and thought of me, I checked them out and I love the artists now! :) I love sharing. Just not when I am the one sharing.

6. I write fiction. I'm working on transferring from fanfiction to fiction. I am not proud of my fanfiction, as the silliness of it embarrasses me and I'm pretty sure it's still floating around the internets somewhere, waiting for me to become famous and then it will pop out at me and scream something along the lines of "LOOK AT THE SHIT THIS GIRL WROTE!" And then I will curl up in a ball and die.

7. When I have a daughter, I have a name picked out.

Illyria. I love it. And Michaela. I'm just not sure which order.

8. The new apartment deal (which I'll write about later) is blowing my mind.

9. My twin boys are 6 months old! That just is crazy!

10. Hellkitten is my favorite nickname. It was given to me by a friend my sophomore year of high school. I don't know if he gave this name to anyone else, but it has a very special place in my heart because it characterizes me so perfectly and because this particular person gave it to me. I doubt he reads this, but in case he does, thank you so much for your love and friendship.

11. The group of 3 girls and I that are best friends made my high school experience great. I had a million things go wrong in high school, but the girl friends I got made it all worthwhile.

12. The name of my blog comes from the Gunslinger books by Stephen King. The entire quote is this :

"He taught me if you kill what you love, you're damned."
"I am damned already," Roland said calmly. "But perhaps even the damned may be saved."

13. I find Weeds to be the funniest show I've ever seen. I literally laugh out loud every time I see an episode. That's a rare thing in a TV show.

14. I found the perfect Caesar salad at Carinos. I am not even kidding. It is the most delicious salad I've ever had. The world is a better place with it.

15. This is the first year I've ever liked bagels. I'm still trying to figure out how I went for so long without them. They are epic and delicious and oh sweet Jeebus, WHY am I on a diet right now????

16. At this moment, the book I am enjoying most is a Neil Gaiman book by the name of American Gods. As someone who has spent years reading about mythology of all kinds, this book rings wonderfully and painfully true. I love the cautions of not to forget the old Gods to the new gods. It makes you think about what is the truth. But in a funny way. Neverwhere is also excellent!

17. I hate fighting. Sometimes I'm snarky and argumentative but when I'm really angry and truly arguing with someone, whether it's my parents or mike, I feel sick afterwards, like the adrenaline took all the strength I had in me. I also have been known to shake.

18. I love to sleep. The addiction started late pregnancy and now it's my favorite thing!

19. I hate bland colors of nail polish. If your nails are already pink, what is the point of painting them some ridiculous pink/tan washed out color? Why not be bold? I love red. And occasionally blue.

20. I love bagpipes and Scottish music. I love the haunting and the melancholy and I love the dancing music.

21. Glee and Grey's Anatomy are my weekly guilty pleasures. I'm not proud of them, they are like a sonic double cheeseburger, amazing and delicious, but horribly bad for you. Well, at least Glee is.

22. My first kiss (both of them) with my fiance was at a church. Yeah, I know, BAD slutty megan! Places I've had first kisses are garages, next to the front door of Elkins, stairways, in a garage, at Vacation Bible School and church. I'm so going to hell.

23. I love love love chocolate. Which sucks, because it makes me super depressed but Cadbury and Lindt are amazing and I can't bring myself to give it up.

24. I love coke. The brown stuff, poured over ice stuff. It is delicious and it can eat your liver. Much like me.

25. I need a job so badly, it is not even funny. I love my twins, but I need some adult conversations SOON. Dear Hooters....

26. Speaking of which, I've never been to a Hooters. Any takers? Must go on bucket list.

27. Looking at expensive things makes me cranky. Hence, I rarely go shopping. Things are so pretty but I rarely can have them, or buy them so I don't like tempting myself.

28. I'm thinking about tattoos currently. Much to Mike's horror. If I get one (big if, by the way, and when), it would probably span from under the side of my breast across my back to my lower hip. I'm still looking at different designs and whatnot. And deciding whether I want to or not.

29. I desperately love my kindle. Mike and my parents gave me one and it is WONDERFUL! I love having a light, accessible 173 books. I am slowly replenishing all the books I sold. Hello, Stephen King, I'll be supplying you with my money today!

30. I am getting married Saturday, October 13, 2012. This excites me like you wouldn't believe. Looking at how to plan a wedding looks hard, but honestly? I can't wait.

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