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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A List of Alphabetical Advice

This is from this website. It is a fantastic website and I encourage everyone to go visit. I love it and it is extremely inspiring.

So, a list of alphabetical advice.
I don't know how pertinent this will be for everyone's' life, but it is advice that either has been, or should have been used during my life. 

Hooray writing excercises! 

A- ask for help.
B- be kind whenever you can. 
C- Consent is a huge deal in sex. Asking is not bad. Saying no isn't bad. Research. Scarleteen is a great resource. What they teach in middle and high school is not valid sex education. 
D-  Don't be ashamed of your taste. It is okay to like things, even things that seem silly or simple, without irony. 
E- Every one has some good in them. Every one. This doesn't mean that every one is good. Far from it. But rather, that everyone has SOME good traits. Just don't overlook the bad ones while trying to notice the good ones.
F- fall in love sometimes. Good things do happen.
G- give books, don't lend. Book Karma is fantastic.
H- have fun. Actively make a choice to. 
I- I am sorry. Learn it, use it. Be sincere.
J- jokes can be hurtful. If you are making them at the expense of a person (rape jokes, racist jokes, GLBT jokes etc), they can be and are extremely painful and mean to others. Learn history, learn current events, know that these things are NOT of the past. They are current events. This shit is happening, right now. Don't be the fucking problem. Be the solution.
K- Keep your cool. 
L- Learn how credit cards work BEFORE getting one.  Actually, any kind of learning about financial stuff is extremely important. Before high school ends.
M- metamorphose. change.
N- negotiations. Find a book about this. You will need it when you are a teenager, with your parents, all the way to jobs and spouses. Compromise is a big word. So is LISTENING.
O- occupy yourself. Saying "I'M BORED!" is annoying for everyone.
P- Play with your kids. really. It is fun.
Q- quit when you get tired. seriously. It stops injuries and burnout.
R- read. anything and everything. fill your brain.
S-saying no is NOT bad. It is okay and disappointing people, even yourself, even your parents, is not world ending. ever
T- Tolerance is NOT a virtue. True acceptance and love is. How would you like to be simply tolerated? Think about it.
U-use your brain. please.
V-vows. Keep your promises. If you can't, don't make them. Please.
W- Write daily. Even if it is just a little bit a day, you will never get better unless you practice.
X- x-out body hatred. Love your body, in all its incarnations. Fat, skinny, curvy, whatever. 
Y- your body is yours. Live, love and modify accordingly. I guess my advice would be to ask "is this truly loving my body?" before modifying.
Z- I cannot think of a damn z one. Be zen? What

This was harder than I expected. More advice would be

Talk on the phone. 
Don't text and drive.
Watch good shows. Joss Whedon anything and Battlestar Galactica are good places to start.
Don't drink too much of anything.
Be kind. 
Chamomile tea fixes everything.
Sharks aren't anybody's friend.
Ride a bike. Go for walks. Hug a dog. Or a cat, but be careful.
Therapy is for everyone. 

This was fun and tiring.

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