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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

generic day post

These days
I am tired every day
but I am trying to make sure
that my kids are happy
that my husband is happy
that my parents are happy
so the me being happy part
often feels like it is the last
thing on the list

My husband brought
me red roses yesterday
when he came home
for no reason
just because
I wonder what his reasoning
but maybe it is just because
and the roses are lovely
and they make everything
smell good

this week has been long
and it will be
until saturday afternoon maybe
but even then
it will be long
because sunday is respect life sunday
and that means mass will be long
and full of pejoratives
about women
and I don't know if I love singing the music
enough to ignore it
my dad told me to go to the bathroom then
which made me laugh
because the idea of taking a dump
while someone is actively telling others
is hilariously horrible
which pretty much sums up
what I might be doing
on sunday

In any case,
at least no one personally tries to
convince me to be pro-life
on a daily basis
my mom talks about it sometime
but not enough for it to be more
than just kind of annoying
which is handle- able
for the most part

long long days

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