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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dear Dad

Ever since I was little
my dad used to give me the
first or last or middle
sip of his
coke or diet coke
or Dr. Pepper.
Or he'd get home and giving
me the last of his bottle of
whatever soda.
and I have always loved it.
And today when he got home
and I ran into him, because we
parked at the same time
and he smiled at me
gave me a hug
and gave me the last of his Dr.Pepper ten
and it made me remember
all the sodas we've shared.
And all the of the conversations
and it can be pretty fantastic
hanging out with my dad.
We both love animals
and video games
and hellboy
and constantine
and soda (coke for all the texans, hell yea and praise the lord)
and battlestar galactica
and sushi
and pianos
and guitars
and music
and Michelle Branch
and Taylor Swift
and Aunt Darlene
and we both have short tempers
and loud middle fingers when we drive
and we love trucks
and science fiction

I love you Dad

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