"You can't take a picture of this. It's already gone."

Monday, October 1, 2012


Hello today
fully of Once Upon a Time
Grey's Anatomy
666 Park Avenue
all of which made me smile at some point
but Battlestar Galactica win all of you
except for maybe Once Upon A Time

Sleepy sleepy
from a night of tossing
and turning
Being this sleepy feels weird
and it is harder to get cool
to cool off
and to fall asleep again

and the children
are happy and screamy
and they like to knock on the walls

I have a brother-in-law
my husbands' older brother
he is 30
but looks younger
a priest
handsome and muscular
and funny and smart
he came over saturday
and brought the kids
birthday gifts
he missed their birthday
last week

Watching him and my husband
is funny
because they look so similar
and they both have the same laugh
he got the boys
Mr. Potato Heads
which they are both currently
solely playing with
and we all watched The Avengers
and screamed
my brother in law
said that MUCH more than I did
and we discussed
how uncomfortable Black Widows' outfit looked

and I felt like he could be a part of my family
which is a pleasant feeling
I've missed him
we don't see each other longer than 20 minutes
or so
every month
mostly he hangs out with his parents
and I don't see him
and I can't really invite him
because we aren't in my place


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