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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Characters continued

Once agan

Fictional characters I love so far
which for a disclaimer
I will state
that I know a lot of them are problematic
and I will address that out loud sometimes
and in my head often
and me loving them does not mean they are perfect
but that I love them anyway.

Anne of Green Gables
of Anne of Green Gables
with multiple books to your name
you and diana are the first people I shipped
so funny and sweet
you are a redhead
Maybe if he was a LITTLE evil
darn those pringles!
funny dreamer
teach me to dream as big as you did

jo march
of little woman, little men and jo's boys
you broke my heart
a million times
in these books
tough and a writer
cut your hair
married not who we thought
loved your children
finally became a famous writer

of Hellboy
Fell in love with you at
still love you eight years later
teaching me that my choices
are what matters
not where I come from.
even if you were hell's own child
terse, even laconic
and funny
and won over by pancakes
you are part of my dreams
and save me from my nightmares.
Even the ones where
i end up in hell

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