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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Post That Technically Took Three Days...... geez

I just took an Ambien.  Sweet, sweet sleep soon, hopefully. Or I would now, if my husband would get off the freaking Star Wars game. Grrrr....
Good morning....I passed out about two minutes after writing that last night. Today has been kind of pleasant. Some one threw away my leftovers which I was planning on eating this morning and that was extremely annoying but I'm over it now, kind of. My kids are being ridiculously snarky, but I'm not sure if it is just me or they are really being snarky. I'm feeling kind of off so I've mostly been reading Firefly fanfiction and wondering why my elbow hurts so damn much. Owie!

The children do make me smile, though. As does my husband. And books. I've still been reading voraciously, although I'm stuck between multiple books (for example, I'm reading Waiter Rant, Anansi Boys, Good Omens, Anyone can Cook, Lasher and some Jack Ketchum books. And some fanfiction ). As you might imagine, it can get hard to cram everything into my brain so much and I get very annoyed when I am interrupted. Which is almost constantly, by nearly everyone I know.

Let's see....

6 Songs I listen to the Most
1. 8th of November by Big and Rich
2.Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye
3.Summertime by Michelle Branch
4. Dancin' Away with My Heart by Lady Antebellum
5.Satellite by Anna Nalick
6. Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift.

How Do I Vent My Anger?

Well, it honestly depends on who. With my parents, mostly I bottle it up and then rant at my husband. If it is with my husband, I rant at my husband. When it is my kids, I put them in a safe place and then go to my room and breathe deeply and try not to scream loudly. When it is anyone else, I can either rant at them or let it go and rant later. At my husband. Who is deeply patient with me about this stuff.

I have a weird obsession with cookbooks. They need to have pictures, though, I like to see what I'm making. I prefer to know what the end result will look like and I get annoyed when I have to look on the internet for an after picture.

What is the weirdest thing (s) I have in my room?
Well, I had a large collection of forks up until yesterday. I have a Solitary Witch practicioner book, as well as an Anatomy for Students. I also have a giant jar of coins and a black panther statue. Although the sheer number of books I own is pretty ridiculous. Also, cigars. Good ones.

My least favorite food, drink, color.
I hate guacamole, anything with Gin and orange. Dear god, what a horrible color.

I don't have a favorite book. It is way too hard to pick one. I read continuously and I love many books. It really doesn't matter what type, I love everything.

I sang at church today. It was fantastic, and the preaching was quick, which was good. I'm desperately tired after all the stuff today. I also ate lunch with my family, which was fun and delicious. I find the dynamics rather interesting these days, but I think I'll address that  in a different post.

'Til next time, fellow kittens,

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