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Friday, September 28, 2012

our date

The date last night
went pretty well
we went to the cheesecake factory
for maybe almost
two hours
It was lovely
we talked
and argued politics
which was not so lovely
but nice to do
in a venue where the people
below us didn't have to listen
and we could talk at a normal rate
and ate cheesecake
and had passion fruit flavored drinks.
and spiked milkshakes.
and talking about nice things
and reminding me
how much I miss it
being just

and after,
we held hands and went
to the movies
where we saw
house at the end of the street
which was less horror
and more thriller
and saw trailers for
silent hill
and sinister
and paranormal activity 4
all of which I'd like to see
because being terrified was
much more fun with my best friend

even if just before our date
he scared me so badly
that if I hadn't have
just peed
I would have had to
change my pants
I still haven't forgiven him for that
and I'm still a little afraid to come out
of the bathroom when he's in
the house
but it was hilarious
and awful
and I cried
and he laughed so hard he cried
and then I laughed so hard I cried
and that made it a little better

But we got home around 11
and he tried to sleep
but I wouldn't stop talking
and tackled him a few times
it was fantastic
and then I sort of drifted
and woke up this morning

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