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Thursday, September 27, 2012

characters I've loved

Fictional characters I love so far
which for a disclaimer
I will state
that I know a lot of them are problematic
and I will address that out loud sometimes
and in my head often
and me loving them does not mean they are perfect
but that I love them anyway. In their imperfections.

Regina Mills/The Evil Queen
of Once Upon a Time
Oh, how I love you.
In the most shallow of ways
your outfits always make me lust
for your stylist
and hairdresser
Whether mayor or evil queen
you are always a force to be reckoned with
You are terrifying and strong and powerful
and remind me that your subtlety is your strength
as well as your ability to beat the crap
out of everyone.

George Lass
of Dead Like Me
I'd like to be a reaper
with you when I die please
And walk with Rube
and be angrily sarcastic.
Not learn my lesson until the
sixtieth time, never the first.
Lonely and angry
death by toilet seat.
Love is not for reapers.
nor is understanding.
Death comes for everyone.
Death is your gift too.

Buffy Summers
of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, obviously
there are no words.
well, there are, but not enough
to describe how you changed me
and made me realize
that I could, and should and must
try to change the world.
Death was her gift.
but her gift to me
was 7 years.

of Angel
I cried so much when Fred became
But at some point I realized
I loved Illyria more
Fred survived years in a hell dimension
as a slave
and when she came out, she became
stronger and smarter then ever
Illyria stole her body
but was a god-king
and wanted Spike for a pet
and knew that you do not bow down
or compromise with evil.

Cersei Lannister
of Game of Thrones
I've only read the first book
and I know only parts of you
but you are beautiful and desperate
and you do what you can
to protect a child
who just might be evil
but you love and protect him anyway.
You are terrifying and fearless
and so full of fear it is painful.
You know that power is power
You've slapped your son
(everyone cheered)
I hope it gets better for you
but it is Game of Thrones
and so the reality is
It will most like get horribly worse.

from Buffy again
are you noticing a trend
you say what you mean
and mean what you say
it is refreshing
your love of money
and power
and your knowledge and love
of sex
made you first an object of my ridicule
back before I  knew what you meant
and then someone who I respected
and admired.

Willow Rosenburg
from Buffy
first smart and nerdy and quiet
then smart and coming in to your own
watching you fall in love
first with Oz then with Tara
made me realize what kind of love
I wanted and deserved
Watching you become Dark Willow
made me sad for all you lost
and amazed by all you had accomplished
even when you were bad.
You make me laugh and cry
a lot.

Zoe Washburne
of Firefly
Strong and tall and an amazon
I fell in love
from the very first moment.
You shoot first
ask questions later
then go have sexy sexy sex
with no apologies
full of sarcasm and guns
not afraid of anything.
you make me want to be
more fearless than any taylor swift song.

River Tam
of firefly
Broken painfully horribly
violated, made a weapon,
still standing, still flying
still loving
strength in pain
no apologies

Ellen Ripley
the first female character
my dad introduced me too
Aliens was the first movie I saw
with such violence
I screamed a lot
I was terrified of the aliens
But Ripley made me feel safe
She saved her cat and Newt
and she might just
save me too
from the nightmares

Christina Yang
from Grey's Anatomy
Feeling emotion?
"Somebody SEDATE ME!"
Learned to be herself
while loving someone else
strong, capable, sometimes wacky
always kick ass

more later?


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