"You can't take a picture of this. It's already gone."

Thursday, September 27, 2012

things I don't say

I wish I could say
what is going on through
my head all day
my thoughts are terrible
a lot of the time
I am angry
or cold
or hot
or annoyed
or tired
all of these are not good
per se
but not bad either
just on the darker end
of my spectrum.

I like to read
dark and horrible things
more than I like to read
 the light and funny
of my youth
it just isn't fun any more
I prefer my darkness
with spatterings of light
but mostly darkness
my ability to watch dark things
has limits.
who knew
but the dark movies
still terrify me
I know some pictures
will never come out of my head
so I stay away
to stay safe
what is in my head
is scarier anyway.

my arms are my enemy
they have gotten better
and after having children
the skin feels all
maybe it is still leftover
from the allergic reaction
i had
to demerol
and yuck

spongebob makes me
feel so crazy
dora the explorer
and diego
and team umi zumi
 you are driving me
up a wall
and down the other side
quality tv includes
quality voices

hellkitten speaks in
third person
which seems silly
but she gets the point
and it makes her feel pretty good
and funny
so there you go

and then a date
with my husband
we can't agree on anything
the movie
or where to eat
Why not just stay home and
watch battlestar galactica
if i can't make a suggestion
and we can't agree on anything
and I don't even want to
put on a bra.

so frustrated

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