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Monday, October 15, 2012

Desire of an awkward nature

While I was there
I saw him
and a sudden longing hit me
and there it was
the wanting of someone 
you couldn't have
it hovers there now 
trying to make me go down roads
my mind and heart don't want to

So I do what I always do
be hostile to the people
I've wanted
Being nice has never 
been easy when all I'm doing
is thinking of fucking your brains out
and so I gave him the finger
while he followed me around my car

and then he surprised me
before I drove away,
he came up and 
said, you should smile more.
Entitled, pretentious ass.
Who are you to tell me to smile?
Why should I be positive
when all I'm thinking about is pulling you
into some dark corner?
So I called him an ass
and he asked
do you really think that?
And I said, maybe not
maybe you just annoy me.

My body betrayed me today
and left my tummy feeling all odd
I can't tell if you are being an ass
or if you want me
or if you have some odd fetish for trying to 
control women
and make them smile.
I can't tell your intentions
but your rough hands and
the way we bat words around
makes me want you
flat stomach
and scruffy face
and you are caught in my mind
at least the way I felt for the next two
hours is.

It was a tough call
whether I wanted to punch you
or pull you to me.
But I can't.

This is embarrassing
and I don't like it
I've restrained
and trained myself to not feel sexual
except in certain situations
and stupid body,
now you go and do this.

go away

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