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Saturday, October 6, 2012

A love story, part 2

So after the painful breakup of January
I finally went back to school
and people walked around me
more carefully which
was kind of silly
because I definitely cried
more than I screamed.

But after that I dated someone else
K, we'll call him
and it was funny and pleasant
and honestly, a long time coming
as we had been flirting for a long time
and I had been his first kiss
and he needed a girlfriend
and I needed a person 
who would love me 
for a while
and he did
and I did
and after graduation
life got tough because
we didn't see each other everyday
and people weren't as supportive
and it
so I ended it. And he was horribly
sad and i was sad
but I knew I wanted to be single
in college

One day,
after months had passed
and I had graduated high school
and time had healed me, for the most part
(and it had, kind of, because I contacted him in May, maybe
after cutting off contact in January
But only to tell him that I had gotten into college)
but then I contacted the man
I had fallen in love with
and told him how I was
and asked how he was
and lo and behold
he was single!

I believe I was angry
when I found out
because he broke up with
me for someone who wasn't the love
of his life because I knew when we first dated
that this was someone who I'd never get tired of.
but that didn't matter too much
so we talked a while
and decided to go for lunch one day.
And I got excited.

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