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Monday, October 15, 2012

To A Friend Who Became a Sister

This post is a tribute to someone
called Boo.
I met you while you were in middle school
and I was in high school and I remember
quickly feeling like you and I were
a friendship made in heaven.

as the years have gone on,
I am so grateful for our friendship.
I remember singing in choir with you
and sitting in the choir loft during chapel
and giggling inappropriately and hysterically
at everything
and trying to switch shoes for a day
which was really hard due to our intense shoe
differences, but was the cause of much fun and silly
memories. It was much easier to hang out with you
when you hit high school, because we could eat lunch
together and commiserate over our classes
through the art gallery.

I've always deeply admired your
ability to play any sport, no matter what
and your artistic ability, because you draw
beautifully, and you are play a piano with
fantastic abilities  and you can charm all the parents
and I know that life is just starting for you
and college is hitting and changing
and lots of fun
and I feel like you've surpassed all that I've done.

and so I guess I'm both proud of you
and jealous of you but definitely proudest of you
you are beautiful outside,
but you are wonderfully beautiful on the inside
and that makes you a lovely person,
You are there when I need to relax,
or to make a gourmet meal,
and you drink all the beer that I don't want
and make me go dancing and to play pool.

I am so glad we are friends.
You've made me a better person
and I hope I've been able to help you
over the years.
I love you.

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